I’m So Excited, Blogging About Personal And Financial Freedom

Excited SmileWelcome to my blog, John Haldermana blog about gaining personal and financial freedom.

On this first post I’d like to explain why I have set up this blog and what I’m so excited about it.
I’ve been fortunate to become aligned with some great people and business programs that have come together in such a way to create a super powerful way to really move forward. And not just for me, but for anyone who wants to create enhanced personal and financial freedom in their life.

When multiple people and opportunity converge as they have the way forward becomes much more clear, which is why the blog title, See The Way Forward. I seem to have been in a period of relative quiet for a while as the pieces have gradually presented themselves, and their power and benefit have become clear.

Here on this blog I will be bringing together a lot of information about moving forward in life, taking command, and stepping into the “New Economy” in ways that can have us creating not only much freer, more lucrative personal lives, but also contributing in a positive way to the current global shift in income generation and monetary distribution.

I have been self employed much of my life and have been working online for several years. I have seen most of what goes on both on and off line as far as business and income opportunities. I’ve owned a hardware store, a cabinet shop, a remodeling business, done various sales gigs, like home improvement, insurance and securities, mortgage loans and others. Plus I have worked in management positions in manufacturing and home remodeling for others. I studied Real Estate, had investment property and obtained a Real Estate license . I’ve studied and investigated all sorts of small business’s and franchises through the years I have been in self education mode most of my life related to business, marketing, sales, management, as well as personal growth and development, mindset is actually our most important success factor. And then there are the various online endeavors, and the network marketing and direct sales that I’ve had my hand in.

So why am I telling you all this? To let you know that I have seen plenty of the options we have available for making money as being self employed. We each have our own set of experiences and collected knowledge at this point in our lives, mine just happens to I have been centered around business and personal growth. The reason this matters, I think anyway, is that I feel that I know a real powerful opportunity when I see one having either seen or experienced many different types of business through the years. There is a Home Business model now that combines  the most leverage of your time with greatest income earning potential, better than all the other things I have previously seen. In one version or another, this is a great opportunity for many people to move forward in live.

What I see going on in much of the world today is a shift in how many people will earn their incomes. As you have seen over the last several years and glaringly in the last few, the large corporation as the major employer is diminishing. That business model is in some ways self destructing, it’s based on continual growth through increasing debt, which can’t be maintained. The reason their are economic problems is not from the common people, it’s because of the money brokers have come to value money itself over human value. You have seen how the value of your work efforts for a company have come to be worth less and less to them.

The solution is here, and actually the corporations and big money brokers have instigated our choice to change themselves, by their actions. But in the end we can win the game, we can take back command of our lives through self employment. It requires that many change how they have earned their income. But think about it, in our history, the large corporate business model is a fairly short lived concept. Before the industrial revolution, most everyone was either self employed or worked directly for an individual. With our current communication systems, we can get back to this to a large degree. Sure there will be some large companies, bit they will have to change their method of operation somewhat to compete with a more free workforce.

Anyway, here on this blog I will be relaying much more information about what is available to enhance our freedom, what’s going on regarding the New Economy, and the general shift taking place with humanity in the world, which will be a benefit to everyone. Here We will mainly focus on the ability to create personal and financial freedom. I also have other blogs that are more focused on personal growth and the global shift.

I firmly believe that as individuals, it is our first priority to take care of ourselves so that we can have more freedom and choice in our lives, enabling us to do more for others.  I’m not saying we can’t help others even if we don;t have a lot of money, we certainly can. But what we are able to do for our families and others is far greater when we have more flexibility with our time and finances. If you are one, like I am, that sees that we each have some responsibility to assisting with taking care of our world, the people and environment, I think you know that we a far better able to do so in a good strong financial position ourselves.We can have much more influence if we have the time and money to contribute in ways that matter.

So, if you are ready to move forward in your life and assist others in doing the same, let’s get busy, there is progress and money to be made. More personal freedom and choice to be realized and enjoyed, and fun to be had doing it!

It has become clear to me now, I see how we can create a Win-Win-Win for everyone!!

You are welcomed to read here, and I hope you participate on the blog, we all learn from each other.

You can look into what exactly I am doing if you choose,

And you can contact me directly . . .


We are in a very exciting time right now, it’s time to be the change!

All the best, John


John Halderman
njoyprosperity @ gmail.com  (delete spaces)
Skype: john.halderman

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