Mind Movies Helps With Growth and Change

Mind Movies LogoThe New Mind Movies 2.1 goes on sale today with a great opportunity to get it at a huge 50% discount. I got the original Mind Movies back in 2008 and have thought it to be fairly easy to use in making the personal movies, but this new version looks to be even simpler.

Mind Movies is a software program that makes it easy to make essentially multi-media affirmations. And because the movies include reading, with pictures and music, they serve to touch multiple senses. This allows them to be more effective in getting through to our subconscious thought where our thought patterns, perceptions and beliefs basically run most of our life.

Quite a few people have used video as a way to do this, but Mind Movies is the first to set it up to be very easy, and now Real Easy, just point and click. Making a movie that is personal to you seems to add a lot to how it affects you personally, it’s just more meaningful to you, eliciting more emotion.

So, with the introduction of the new version today on March 31st they have came out of the gate with an announced 50% discount  plus a whole bunch of bonuses from other teachers and trainer in the personal development and business arenas. Plus, if you have previously purchased an earlier version of Mind Movies you can get the new version at a 75% discount.

Here is a video with some information about the release and fast action the discount that has been offered.

And another video here with more information, and mentioning the 75% previous purchaser discount.

Well, thee is not doubt in my mind that these mind Movies can have a positive affect on your life. On the site there are some great videos where they explain all about Mind Movies and how you can benefit from using them, and why.

I think it’s well worth it for you to take a look at Mind Movies.

And at this blog post, Mind Movies Discount and Bonus

All the best, John

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