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This blog will cover all aspects of home business, network marketing, directs sales, the new economy and how we can each succeed as the world changes. It’s so great when the pieces of the puzzle come together so well in life. When both the mysteries and the fragments come together to look like something, like what you envisioned. I’m seeing more and more of this every day now with my life personal life and business.

With this blog I will bring out much of what I see in home business business as to what is happening moving forward in a new economy and how we can all benefit the most from it moving forward. Along with everything else that seems to be changing at an increasingly rapid rate in the world so is the nature of business and how we earn an income.

There is much success to be enjoyed if we do things in the right ways, ways which might look different from what you are use to. So much of it is based on our mindset that many people just can’t seem to get a grasp of it. We so easily like to rely on what is physically available to us as ways of getting what we want, letting the mental aspects take a back seat. This is actually rather backwards, the mental is the most important part.

Home business is a fantastic way to gain more personal and financial freedom as it is probably the most efficient method of generating income. It’s the best way to get into the flow of goods and services where you add value which you can get paid for. I’m sure you have noticed how large companies are paying less and less for human value, it’s because their business model is on a self destruct course unless they make major changes.

You may not think about the history of how business has evolved in the last 100 years, but the large company – corporate model has not been around that long. Before large companies became the mainstay of our economy, most people were self employed in some way. I see that we are moving back to more of this and less of the large company. I think you can see how they have been crumbling to a certain degree in recent years to where they are having a hard time paying people for their value. There are several reasons for this which I will get in to more detail at another time. Essentially corporations are pricing themselves out of society in order to keep the themselves alive.

The good news is that a new economy is emerging which will bring back the value of people. Where we can establish points of value in the flow of goods and services among people. Where we will not be a mere commodity in a business model that has grown to be primarily in the money business. It’s not money that is the problem, it’s all about how it is handled and valued. Let’s remember money is intended to be a medium of exchange of human value, not an entity unto itself.

I am excited to be involved with some great people and organizations at this point where people are supporting each other with the intention for all to do well and prosper. It seems as we work online we can easily get to where we think we can accomplish what we want without much human contact, on automatic pilot, but this is not the case for most in network marketing and direct sales. Life is about the people, and business supports what people want.

We can certainly systematize parts of our business activities but should not forget who we are dealing with, people. Both network marketing and direct sales are business models based on people interacting with people. In the new economy, as long as we provide value to others, we can get paid for it. I’ll go into more detail as to how in other posts. We need to watch taking on a vending machine mentality in our business, treating people as just income sources.

The home business industry is not one of commodities, it’s about people and value. We must provide value usually before people choose to do business with us, not after they give us money. Even though you may be involved with a company that sells products, you are in the service business. Actually you have a dual role, serving the product customer and your team of associates. Your job is to help keep a person as a customer of the product and an associate an associate. And in doing this for the company, you do it for yourself and remain in the income stream of both.

The other thing I am so excited about is the system I am part of that helps anyone in any business become more successful. Again, it’s people helping people in success. If you have been around network marketing and direct sales for any period of time you well know the low success rate, well there is a reason for this and it can be corrected. Again, much of learning to be successful is mindset, some say it’s the bigger half. Learning from successful experts, the right information, tools and systems all contribute to helping a person succeed in business. But too many try to shortcut the necessary.

I see people moving more towards a mindset of concern and responsibility for humanity and the environment, and more business’s are dovetailing with this idea. Of course making money ourselves is what we want to support more choices and freedom in our lives, but we can also support the planet. An important aspect of the new economy encompasses more support for people and planet than we have seen during the period of corporate dominance.

I look forward to associating with you in whatever manner you choose, I’m here doing my thing providing value and assistance as I am able and helping connect with others doing the same. My intention is to assist people in succeeding in the new economy, helping society to move forward in a more humanistic manner. I have other blogs and websites related to business, personal growth and change.

These are exciting times for all of us, let’s enjoy what we do as we help develop the new economy and establish our place in it.

All the best moving forward,


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